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The Horrific Lives of ISIS Children

These two commands have ruined the lives of many children in Syria, as explained in this heartbreaking news report. The process of indoctrination can be shocking to see. Children are used as tools of war, and – for some groups like ISIS – the next generation becomes just as important as the current one in keeping the territories together.

Those who are already in Syria or travel to Syria are forced into the system, with no way out. Children are put through vigorous processes of ‘education’ and training. Hatred, fighting and murder become normal to them. They are even asked to spy on their families to look out for people who go against their message. Eventually, they ISIS children are brandished around as examples of the apparent success of the state and used as poster children for the cause.

Of course, education is a key selling point for ISIS. They have used their literature to claim that children will benefit from the brutal education system of the group as opposed to the liberal system of the west. “They have them dress up, paint their faces, sing songs, attend parties, exchange gifts, and take part in school plays held for these various occasions,” complains a writer for their magazine Dabiq, Abu Thabit al-Hijazi.

In this respect, ISIS try to lure parents over here by claiming that their children are not getting the best Islamic education. But by travelling to dangerous areas, Mobdro families are exposing their children to a life of military http://familiesmatter.org.uk/the-horrific-lives-of-isis-children/ obedience, violence against one another, physical torture and abuse when children break the rules, the hatred of fellow humans, and mostly – they are taking away their future.

Parents should be vigilant of the horrific ordeal that their children will undergo if they are taken to war zones. There is no turning back from such a decision. They should also look for intolerant behaviour in their children towards their peers.


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