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Reclaiming the Message of Ramadan

This year, those who seek to intimidate and divide us have threatened to overshadow the holy month of Ramadan. In an audio message released last month, Daesh encouraged attacks during the holy month, directly breaking the religious sanctity we hold so dear. Families must stand strong in the face of such hatred and violence, and reclaim the core message of Ramadan.

Ramadan is a time to seek solace, warmth and togetherness, and reflect on all those who are less fortunate than us. At FAST, we remember those living in poverty, under oppression and brutality, or those whose families have been ripped apart by acts of violence. We recognise the huge impact terrorism has on families around the world, as well as those in the UK who have to deal with the consequences radicalisation has had on their families.

We understand that families matter, and there is no better time than Ramadan to come together as a family. Beyond the long fasts and special nights, families have said just how much they value family time during Ramadan.

In light of the importance of being together at this crucial time, we wanted to share some ways in which you can strengthen your relationship with children and siblings:

  1. Talk: It is important to communicate as a family – encourage your children to talk to you about sensitive issues so they do not seek answers to difficult questions from dangerous sources. Encourage your children to talk to you about what is going on at school, at work or in relationships. It’s also a good time to reflect on the year that has passed and think about how you can grow together.
  2. Worship together: Whether it’s going to the taraweeh prayer or reading recommended Ramadan supplications, nothing brings you closer than doing something valuable together. During Ramadan – what is also called the “month of the Qur’an” – you will be reading the holy book more, so perhaps you can enjoy reading a few passages together, giving your children a chance to ask questions and explore meanings.
  3. Family time: Preparing meals and doing house chores is not just a job for Mum, it’s a chance for the whole family to pull together and get involved and share the load! Assign tasks between yourselves and plan your Eid events as a family.

The month of Ramadan is the perfect time to seek closeness to God and to one another. This is a chance to revisit the core message of the holy month. Spending quality time with our nearest and dearest, and establishing strong ties with each other, is the perfect way to start.

If you’d like to find out more about FAST or have any further questions, please visit our support page here: http://familiesmatter.org.uk/where-to-turn/.

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