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How To Deal With Stress at Home

We understand that the sources of stress and trauma within families can be varied and complex – and sometimes difficult to identify.

Experiencing a deeply distressing incident or having to deal with an increased level of mental or emotional pressure, can often make your family feel stressed and anxious.

Here at FAST, we understand this. We have focused our work on supporting families through emotional turmoil le viagra en belgique. Be it losing a loved one to radicalisation or dealing with their involvement in acts of violence, we are here to provide support and guidance.

One report shows that a lack of communication between family members can often lead to difficulties later in life, especially when parents struggle to connect with their children.

Our work has shown that communication within families can be difficult, and we wanted to share some tips that might help:

  1. Evaluate your lifestyle: It’s no secret that children imitate their parents and pick up their habits. Analyse how you deal with stress and see how this is being translated in your family unit.
  1. Have a chat: Be attentive to the times in which your child most needs your attention, whether it’s on the way to school, before dinner or at bedtime and make sure you don’t postpone important conversations.
  1. Change your environment: Your immediate surroundings can contribute to your stress levels. De-cluttering your daily spaces or encouraging your children to try new activities (sports, hobbies or learning something new) can really help you promote a healthy lifestyle, reduce your stress levels and lift your mood if you’re feeling down.

Although we know these tips will not deal with all the nuances of stress and trauma in families, they can go some way to protecting your child and enhancing their potential in life.

If you’d like to find out more about FAST or have any further questions, please visit our support page here: http://familiesmatter.org.uk/where-to-turn/.

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