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How FAST Helps Families

The month of June has been a heavy one. The Orlando massacre, the murder of Jo Cox, the multiple bombs that have riddled Iraq’s streets and the brutal war in Syria shows how violence has manifested in different ways all over the world.

At a time when the world’s most volatile regions are facing upheaval, we know that families in the UK are feeling the effects too. The proliferation of online communication has meant that our children, siblings and relatives have become a part of the most difficult stories.

We work with families in the UK who are facing stress and trauma as a result of loss, bereavement and isolation. Sometimes this is because a family member has been radicalised through peers and online forums, and begin to hold extreme perspectives or display extreme behaviours and actions.

We offer close support to families going through challenging times by providing a non-judgemental helping hand and guidance. Where required, we match you with a professionally trained person or agency to deal with your matter, including scholars, advisors and local council departments. As well as these family services, we work closely with local communities to provide a range of training activities including exercise, sewing, Islamic and Arabic classes.

Everything discussed is fully confidential and services are free of charge.

If you’d like to get in touch please email us here: enquiries.fast.uk@gmail.com.


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