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15-year old girl detained from going to Syria

A lucky last-minute intervention- this week police saved a 15 year old girl attempting to join extremist fighters in Syria by stopping and boarding her flight to Istanbul as it was on the runway at Heathrow. We can’t imagine how relieved her family must be to have her home and safe.

ISIS has made a conscious effort to recruit more and more teenage girls, who are drawn by the idea of a romantic adventure viagra en europe. However their real attitude to women is evidenced by their horrific enslavement of women and often very young girls captured from Yazidi villages.

At FAST we have worked with families in the UK who have lost sons and daughters who chose to travel to Syria to join groups such as ISIS. We continue to urge anyone who has concerns about a loved one to reach out and seek help- families really do have the power to make a difference.

This family were saved from a lifetime of pain and regret- others may not be so lucky.



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